Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bigfoot watches a tire change?

The book, "The Oregon Bigfoot Highway", is a collection of Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot related incidents and ... happenings in the wild area of the upper Clackamas and Breitenbush River drainages. This story comes from a Forest Service employee in 1967 changing a tire...

The Forest Service employee who had this sighting is retired and seems very comfortable and relaxed telling his story. In fact, he was filmed giving this report by Blake Eckard for Eckard's upcoming Bigfoot documentary.

The Forest Service employee was changing a tire on his Forest Service pickup just after dark at the north end of Fish Creek Bridge. It was late in 1967, almost Thanksgiving, so night came on early. The Forest Service employee became uneasy. Then, for some reason, he became nervous. With the pickup still on the jack, he rose up and shined his flashlight about. "There!"

To his left, standing just out of the beam of his pickup headlights, was a huge black man-like creature. When the Forest Service employee's flashlight 'hit' the beast's face, it raised its arm to fend off the light. In politeness the Forest Service employee then shined the light away from the creature's face toward its chest and legs.

Then, for some seconds, the beast looked at the employee; and the employee looked at the beast. Simultaneously, both the beast and the Forest Service employee decided it was time to vamoose.

To the Forest Service employee's amazement, with long graceful strides, the creature walked across the road, and with apparent ease, climbed the steep slope on the northeast side of the road. the Forest Service employee said it walked, it did not climb or scramble, it just walked up the slope and out of the beam of his flashlight.

At that point, the Forest Service employee, who seems quite a level-headed fellow, decided it was best to jump in his pickup and depart the area. Which, he did by driving off his jack! Unnerved, he drove about a mile before he stopped to tighten his lug nuts. The next morning on his way back up to do his duties, he retrieved the jack and hubcap. He looked for tracks but didn't see any.

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