Monday, September 19, 2016

Bigfoot in England?

Man claims to have experienced a close encounter with the elusive 'Yeti' in Welsh woodland.

A man claims to have experienced a close encounter with a 'Yeti' after coming across a 'gorilla-like creature' in Welsh woodlands.

Bigfoot enthusiast Jason Parsons, 40, was on a hunt for the elusive beast in woods near Caerphilly Mountain, North of Cardiff, when he experienced the surreal sighting, reports the Daily Star Online.

Mr Parsons had whipped out his camera to record an oddly shaped twig he believed may have been related to yeti activity in the area when he caught the sighting.

On watching the film back at home he was gob-smacked to see the shady outline of a tall creature lurking in the brush and was convinced he had finally laid eyes on the mysterious bigfoot.

He told the Daily Star: 'To my astonishment, I saw what I can only describe as a gorilla-like figure, slightly blended into the dark bush, but still having a clear form, just like a gorilla or Bigfoot creature might have.'

Mr Parsons had decided to go on a trek across the mountain after finding strange x-shaped structures left in the woods.

He believed these had been constructed by bigfoot and trekked up a trail to find out more.

After analysing his footage, Mr Parsons showed it to the British Bigfoot Research organisation - who were excited by his apparent close encounter.

Co-founder of the group, Adam Bird, said: 'Sceptics will say it is just a person but why would a person stand in the middle of a remote forest, swinging and pushing a tree? Lets think about it logically.

'We believe Jason Parsons has captured footage of something quite significant.'

Legends of Bigfoot have been reported around the world since the 1850s but sightings became popular during the twentieth century as hunters often reported sightings of large ape-like men in the forests.

The majority of sightings are in North America, although most scientists dismiss the existence of a giant ape-like creature roaming the forests as folklore and hoaxes. 

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