Friday, August 12, 2016

Wild Theories about Bigfoot

The mysteries surrounding Bigfoot have yielded some unusual speculation about the creatures origins.

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Most Bigfooters hold the belief Sasquatch, while frustratingly shy and wily enough to remain hidden from the larger world, is more or less a natural creature. Bigfoot may be a magnificent beast, but at the end of the day it's just another member of the animal kingdom.

Others think differently. The more grandiose theories about Bigfoot's origin claim it is a spiritual or religious being. Though the Mormon Church has yet to take an official stance, some members think the beast is the Biblical Cain, the son of Adam and Eve who slays his brother Abel. In 1835 David W. Patten, one of the first apostles of the Mormon Church, claimed he encountered a very tall, hair-covered figure with dark skin walking alongside the road. When Patten questioned the creature, it explained to the apostle about its fate to miserably wander the Earth, unable to die, and its mission to destroy the souls of men. Patten deduced the figure's identity as Cain, and based on his description, others have concluded Cain and Bigfoot are one and the same. When several Bigfoot sightings occurred in South Weber, Utah, in the 1980s, many Mormons pointed to Patten's story as an explanation.

Some native peoples of the American continent also hold that Sasquatch is more than flesh and blood. Reporters at the Bigfoot newsletter The Track Record asked Native Americans belonging to the Ojibwa, Dakota and Lakota tribes about their Bigfoot beliefs, and members from all three tribes confirmed Bigfoot as a spirit guide who delivers signs or messages signaling a need for change. Additionally, some Native elders believe Bigfoot possesses psychic powers allowing him to elude his potential captors.

Other Bigfooters feel the animal must come from beyond the stars. During a 1997 interview with Bigfoot Encounters, researcher Peter Guttilla relayed an account from a rural Seattle man who believes he saw not only Bigfoot but also the UFO on which the creature arrived. According to Guttilla, the man saw two UFOnauts descend from their spacecraft with a Bigfoot-like creature obediently following behind them into the woods. The man recorded what he believed to be the whirring sounds of the UFO, which his neighbors also claimed to have heard in the days preceding the sighting. Another variation on the "Bigfoot-is-an-alien" school of thought claims the creature has no need of a UFO to reach Earth. The reason? Bigfoot is other-dimensional and can teleport anytime it wants. In 1997, an article in Utah's Deseret News featured a man named Ron Mower who revealed he had seen other-dimensional Bigfoots nine times. Mower also divulged the existence of both good and evil Bigfoots, and that an evil one once teleported itself to his home to stalk him. Fortunately, Mower noted that the evil dimension-hopping Bigfoots can be identified by their red eyes, so there's little chance of confining the two.

From Newsweek's Special Edition Magazine - "BIGFOOT: The Science, Sightings, and Search for America's Elusive Legend" - Purchase here

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