Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Harley Hoffman Bigfoot Footage

Since we’ve all seen enough Blobsquatches to drive us crazy, I thought I’d break up the monotony with a new video making the rounds from a gentlemen going by the name Harley Hoffman. This, my friends is not your average Blobsquatch and in fact is comparable in many respects to the Patterson film.

I’m not going to waste time talking because quite frankly I am in complete freak out mode here. I see many things wrong with this video, but by gosh, I see so many things right as well.

This is likely either an authentic Bigfoot or the best hoax to come down the pike in years (disregarding the Georga hoax that is).

So without further discussion from me, here is the Harley Hoffman Sasquatch Sighting:

Source: Ghost Theory

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