Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The aliens plan to take over Earth nears completion... apparently.

UFO researcher: Top-secret alien plan to take over Earth nears completion as alien-human hybrids infiltrate and integrate into human society. No for real.

From The Inquisitor:

In an interview with the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, Temple University history professor and UFO-alien researcher, David M. Jacobs, revealed details of a clandestine program, a plan by evil alien species to takeover Earth and control humanity.

The professor shared details of the findings of his more than three decades research into the controversial Alien Abduction syndrome.

According to Jacobs, his lifelong research into alien abduction has forced him to the conclusion that an alien race has been implementing a clandestine and sinister program to create an alien-human hybrid race.

The program has now reached an advanced stage and alien hybrids are now being secretly integrated into human society. The alien hybrids, according to Jacobs, are able to live secretly in human society because they are superficially identical with humans.

Referencing previous controversial studies of the so-called Alien Abduction syndrome he had conducted in collaboration with noted investigators, such as Budd Hopkins and John Mack, psychiatry professor at Harvard University, Jacobs noted that the controversy generated by earlier studies has discouraged scholars from pursuing further research on alien abduction experience. Many scholars fear that being involved in alien abduction studies would harm their professional reputation.

Thus, after conducting pioneering but controversial research on alien abduction cases in collaboration with scholars, such as Hopkins, Mack and Elizabeth Slater, Jacobs found that members of the academia began avoiding the area of study while others tried to explain it away by referencing common psychological phenomena, such as sleep paralysis.

Other researchers, such as Ronald Siegel at the University of California, claimed that the strange experiences of alien abductees could be explained as due to the “normal hallucinatory powers of the brain.”

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