Monday, August 1, 2016

Ten Days with Sasquatch: A Bigfoot Book

Bigfoot researcher and entertainer, Ed Brown, has written a fictional story about Bigfoot: "Ten Days with Sasquatch." Since he is a contributor to The Crypto Blast by him co-hosting "Face Off" we thought it would be nice to ask him a few questions about his book.

What motivated you to write a book about Sasquatch?
I was always interested in the subject and I was off of work for 8 months due to a back injury so I decided to write a book.
The character Bo, is that you putting himself into the story?
No. It's 100% fiction.
The protagonists in the book, Bo and Jenny, put a lot of emphasis on their footage and are against killing bigfoot. Are your opinions coming through these characters?
Maybe a little. But I wanted each character to have their own personality. I felt their opinions gave the book a nice close.
What is it about Bigfoot that fascinates you?
The mystery is what fascinated me. I was mostly interested because growing up I kept changing my mind about a real Bigfoot actually existing. I couldn't make up my mind about the Patterson-Gimlin film. I felt I had to know the answer. And since I was so interested in the Paranormal the switch to the Cryptid wasn't easy transformation.Was an easy transformation
About the book:

Two Army buddies venture deep into the Modoc Nation Forest in northern California to film the elusive creature, Bigfoot. They meet a young woman and her brother, who are on the same quest, and they decide to join together. After being outsmarted on several occasions, the group learns that there isn’t just one Bigfoot, but an entire family! They decide to stick it out and move forward with their expedition. But be warned! Not everyone makes it out alive! Ten Days with Sasquatch is action packed with adventure from cover to cover. Throw in a little romance, and it’s a must-read, whether you believe in Bigfoot or not.

Ed Brown will be selling his book for $10 at the International Bigfoot Conference and you can email him directly if you are unable to attend at

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