Monday, August 8, 2016

Organization of the Knights of Templar

The Knights of Templar might be considered a legend in today's conspiracy ridden world, but they were actually a real thing that disbanded over 700 years ago.

From TIME Secret Societies: Inside History's Most Mysterious Organizations

There were three main ranks of Knights Templar: knights, sergeants and chaplain brothers. The knights, who were of noble birth, served as the fighting force on the battlefield, the equivalent of later-day cavalry. Clad in armor, they dressed in white tunics adorned with a red cross. Each knight had three or four horses and one or two squires, young men hired from outside the order to assist the knight.

Sergeants were from non-noble families and served as light cavalry officers, the main battle support for the knight. In addition, sergeants had important skills and trades such as blacksmithing and construction, and often oversaw many of the Templars' European properties. Sergeants dressed in a black tunic and a brown mantle, usually with a red cross.

Chaplains were ordained priests who heard the knights' confessions and granted absolution for sins. Chaplains were answerable only to the pope, rather than to local clerics or bishops.

The presiding officer of the order worldwide was the Grand Master, an office held for life. Each local region had its own master and commander, assisted by a seneschal, who oversaw the movement of the army and its supplies; a turcopolier in command of the light cavalry; and a marshal in charge of light arms and horses.

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