Sunday, August 28, 2016

North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch... Physical Contact

Dr. Bindernagel is a highly respected Bigfoot researcher and wild life biologist. In this article he talks about physical contact with Sasquatch which includes scratching, grabbing and throwing.

Physical Contact 

Scratching. There is a report of a sasquatch coming out of the bushes beside a road, reaching through the open window of a stopped car, and grabbing the arm of the young woman in the driver's seat. She screamed, stepped on the gas, and drove off with only scratches on her arm. The animal walked quickly back into the bush and a terrible odor "like that of a dead animal" remained in the car. Large handprints (twice as large as a human's) were left on the car hood.

Grabbing and Throwing. An Oregon woman reported being picked up by huge hairy hands placed on her hip and elbow, and tossed back over the fence she had just crossed. She was thrown back into the field about fifteen feet "as if I were a feather." She described the animal as a huge, hairy, manlike animal with short, dark hair on its arms, and hands like huge human hands with no hair on the palms. A "strong, musty smell remained on her sweater for a long time.

In a similar incident, a young man was hunting for rattle-snakes at night near Ridgecrest, California. He stopped his jeep to investigate a pair of glowing eyes above a creosote bush just off the road. As he walked toward the eyes he heard a low roar just before something grabbed him—first by his shoulders then around his waist—and threw him about ten feet through the air. His brother and sister saw only that it was a large black object that picked him up and threw him.

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