Saturday, August 20, 2016

Most Mysterious And Highly Forbidden Places On The Planet!

Do you know there are a few places in this world which will take you near to death if you visit them? They are many mysterious and abandoned places that we cannot even imagine exist. Check out these strange and mysterious places right here on our planet.

From Sooziq:

Zhitkur the underground base, former Soviet Union’s most sensitive air base.

This place was created as a site for the Soviet Union’s space program after second world war.

Area 6 neighbour of area 51, Yucca.

Area 6 was used as an underground nuclear testing site. In 2005, a five thousand foot runway and other buildings were added to this area.

North-Central island. One of the most unexplored and mysterious places on the planet.

North-Central island is situated in the Bay of Bengal and this area is abandoned by the government as the tribes that live there kill everyone who passes by.

Dulce underground base, New Mexico.

This place is said to be under the control of aliens.

Bohemian grove, California.

Bohemian grove is a 2,700-acre campground located in Monte Rio, California.

This video will make it more clear!

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