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Government Agents and Bigfoot

Nick Redfern is the author of 30 books on monsters and unexplained mysteries, including Monster Files; Monster Diary; Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; and Strange Secrets. In this excerpt from his "The Bigfoot Book". Nick recounts a tale from 1954 about the "Susquatch" as told by Vancouver Indians only wanting to deal with government agents and their Sasquatch problem...

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In 1954, a very strange and somewhat fragmentary story surfaced from C. S. Lambert, who commented on his apparent knowledge of what was perceived as Bigfoot activity near Vancouver: 
After a series of alarming reports that these giants were prowling around Harrison Mills, 50 miles East of Vancouver, disturbing the residents by their weird wolf-like howls at night, and destroying property, a band of vigilantes was organized to track the marauders down. However, no specimen of the primitive tribe was captured, and many white people became openly skeptical of the existence of the giants. 
According to Allen Roy Evans, in the Montreal Standard ("B.C.'s Hairy Giants"), the Indians are now very sensitive to any imputations cast upon their veracity in this matter. During the nineteenth century they were ready to tell enquirers all they knew about the "Susquatch" [sic] men; but today they have become more reserved, and talk only to Government agents about the matter. They maintain that the "Wild Indians" are divided into two tribes, whose rivalry with each other keeps their number down and so prevents them becoming a serious menace to others. 
Expeditions have been organized to track down the "Susquatch" [sic] men to their lair in the mountains; but the Indians employed to guide these expeditions invariably desert before they reach the danger zone. However, certain large caves have been discovered, with man-made walls of stone inside them, and specially-shaped stones fitted to their mouths, like doors. The difficulty in the way of penetrating to the heart of the Morris Mountains district is very great. The terrain is cut up by deep gorges and almost impassable ravines; it is easy to get lost, and hard to make substantial progress in any one direction for long.
It's a great pity that Lambert did not expand on certain points contained in his account, such as who, exactly the "government agents" to whom he referred were. Why, exactly, might they have been interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon in the first place? Where, exactly, were these large caves? Can they be found today? The questions and implications surrounding Lambert's communication are many. The answers, however, are not. 

You can purchase Nick Redfurn's book, "The Bigfoot Book" here.


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