Friday, August 19, 2016

1893 HAIRY MAN mystery continues to endure

Does an unknown species lurk in the wilds of New South Wales? Over a century ago, a man named Arthur Marrin came across something unexpected...

The peculiar encounter took place while Marrin, a cordial maker, had been transporting a load of drinks by horse-drawn cart from Braidwood to Captain's Flat in the Southern Highlands.

He was first alerted to the presence of something unusual when his dog wouldn't stop baking.

After venturing off the road to investigate, Marrin came face to face with a large, powerful creature which lunged at him from the undergrowth.

As he tried to back away he realized that he was standing on the edge of a steep drop. Fearing for his life, he grabbed a nearby rock off the ground and hit his assailant over the head with it.

The blow proved devastating and with a follow-up strike from his whip, the beast lay dead.

Intrigued by the peculiar nature of the creature, Marrin later transported its remains back to Braidwood where he put them up on display, much to the interest of a local newspaper.

"It was four feet long, 11 inches across the forehead and had a face very much like a polar bear," a reporter for The Braidwood Dispatch wrote in an article published back in 1893.

"It weighed over seven stone (44kg). Its forearms were very strong with great paws that would be capable of giving a terrible grip. It was a tan colour like a possum with strong hair on its skin."

To this day however the identity of the creature continues to remain a complete mystery.


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