Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Sheboygon Press Bigfoot Drama

The Sheboygon Press Editor, Mark Briese, had some scathing words about the "Bigfoot Community" and Matt Moneymaker.

Bigfoot article was unnecessary 
While The Sheboygan Press has the final say in what gets printed, I feel the need to ask what pressing societal issue is met by printing a story on bigfoot on the front page of the July 11 print edition? 
Was there a copy-and-paste error between The Sheboygan Press and the Weekly World News? The mere presence of such pseudoscience on the front page does a disservice to those of us expecting professional journalism. This topic belongs in the same camp as pixies, fairies, goblins, spooks, gnomes and other supernatural beings. It is legend and superstition. 
I am amazed, though, that bigfoot “expert” Matt Moneymaker knows how big it is, what it eats, its sleep schedule, its brain size, etc., without ever having a corpse or skeleton to study. Somehow this animal has avoided us for decades — it leaves no scat, dies without a trace, is too fast to be photographed in any real detail, and either never crosses roadways or is really good at dodging traffic.
 Click here for the rest of Mark's scathing rebuttal!

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  1. Sadly, Moneymaker has been doing this for the longest time on his show. Suddenly tossing out some tidbit of knowledge about Bigfoot that no one has ever heard of, and he's usually good enough to preface these little bits knowledge manna with the statement, "It is a well established fact that Bigfoots.........." Insert whatever thing you wish now. And yes, he has sort of shot himself in the foot when it comes to Bigfoot and talks out of both sides of his mouth. 'We are a no kill group, but we are trying to find definitive proof of the existence of this creature.' The only definitive proof anyone is ever going to accept in the scientific community is a body or possibly a skeleton. Something they can come examine, study, take samples from and test, DNA they can check.

    People can cook up all manner of things now genetically speaking, so being able to come and do the testing yourself is a major issue. For some reason Moneymaker and his bunch have decided that they are the final word on this or that as far as Bigfoot is concerned. Shoot, even on his own website in the forums section the people there are all getting tired of no result. Each week they go someplace different and do the same things that didn't work previously, they again don't get any proof, they declare Bigfoots exist there and off to another place to repeat the whole process. Wash, rinse and repeat. This sort of activity is defined by Einstein as insanity.