Monday, July 18, 2016

The Search is on for Bigfoot in New Hampshire

A team of Bigfoot enthusiasts, which has previously been involved in notorious hoaxes, is skulking in the New Hampshire woods, where residents say they’ve spotted the mythical creature.

From The Concord Monitor:

The California-based outfit, called Searching for Bigfoot, met with a Deering man Wednesday who said he believes at least one Bigfoot roams his 100 acres. Scott Luca’s brother, Jim, said he came face-to-face there with a 7-foot-tall, brownish-grey creature with hands hanging below its knees in 2014.

That and other curious happenings brought the Searching for Bigfoot team to New Hampshire this week, between stops in Arizona and Rhode Island on a cross-country expedition. In each place, the group baits a spot in the woods using peanut butter and sardines, then lies in wait under the cover of night, monitoring the area using trail cameras, night-vision goggles, thermal imaging scopes and high-powered weaponry.

The team is led by Tom Biscardi, a big-talking enthusiast who calls himself “the real Bigfoot hunter” and says he’s seen seven Bigfoots since he began his pursuit in the early 1970s.

Biscardi’s claims, however, have made him the subject of some controversy in the past. In 2008, he briefly caught the attention of the world when he announced he had definitive evidence proving the existence of Bigfoot: a corpse he bought for $50,000 that would undermine all the naysaying scientists.

In another example, Biscardi, 68, promoted a paid video streaming service and claimed he’d soon distribute images of a captured Bigfoot in Nevada. To the dismay of the national radio audience that was following along, nothing materialized.As it turned out, he didn’t have a corpse at all. It was a rubber Bigfoot costume filled with the guts of various animals.

Both times, Biscardi said he was the victim of a hoax. When he bought the supposed body, it was frozen in ice, and he didn’t know it was fake until it thawed out, he said, after he announced it to the world. In the Nevada episode, his team gave him bad information, he said.

Nevertheless, he’s not backing down. The Searching for Bigfoot team is touring the country and filming a documentary about its work to capture Bigfoot.Deering sightings

Scott Luca is the team’s local contact. He said he was 12 years old when he first saw a group of four Bigfoots in a farm field in Bradford. They’d ripped the head off a mean, 3,000-pound bull that lived on the farm, he said, and walked away calmly after his father threatened them with a gun.

But that interaction is perhaps less remarkable than what he says happened on his rural property in Deering. After seeing unusually large footprints on his land about five years ago, he said, he left a pizza box with three slices on a stump in his woods, thinking the only creature with the dexterity to open it cleanly would be a Bigfoot.

When he returned to check on it two days later, it appeared at first undisturbed.

“It was folded, just like I had folded it,” he said, but inside, “there was three pizza-shaped rocks. . . . They left me three rocks, like, ‘We like this.’ ”

Biscardi added: “They left him an offering.”

After that, on Christmas Day in 2014, Luca’s brother, Jim, went to investigate why the barn animals were behaving strangely. As he approached, he said he heard a “low, gutteral growl” and then came upon a Bigfoot that darted away into the woods.

He said he believes his brother’s property is part of a migratory path for the creatures.

“This has to be a main runway for ‘em, and they’re coming up because there’s food, there’s little animals, rabbits, ducks, chickens,” he said.

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