Friday, July 29, 2016

The International Bigfoot Conference is coming!

The International Bigfoot Conference is the Grand stage where the world’s top researchers will be bringing the latest discoveries, evidence and presentations to share, right in Kennewick Washington on Labor Day weekend. So how is it different from other Bigfoot conferences?

From conference organizer, Russell Acord:  There will be researchers from other countries and several well-known speakers from here in the US on the stage. These legends will also be joined by a few rising star researchers who have been putting in tons of research time in the field.

This stage is not set to convince you either way, but to allow you to make your own decision based on the best research available. Making a ‘well educated guess’ means hearing both sides to all the evidence. 

This conference will be filled with questioning attitudes and inquiries that will be presented to our top level researchers, who will maybe shed some light on the theories, mysteries and evidence. You might even see evidence that is proven to be unusable if the facts prove it to be something else. Not everything is evidence, and if you are like us here at the IBC, you will want good strong evidence and base your opinions on fact. 

There will be lots of excitement, conversation and debates that are sure to keep you engaged throughout the weekend. 

There will be activities for the children; coloring contest, local reader sharing story time, prizes and fun for the up and comers. For the adults there will be prizes that are sure to put a smile on your face, aside from the top notch presentation the prizes are; Binoculars, shirts, books, High Definition Big screen Smart TV, one of a kind custom Damascus knife with an impressive carved handle and our Grand Prize is a 4-Wheeler! 

This Labor Day Weekend will be a fun and exciting time here in Kennewick, Washington, you won’t want to miss it. We recommend that you get your tickets early so that we can have your lanyard at the door waiting for you when you arrive. 

Tickets are purchased on our web site and can also be picked up at the door if you want.

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