Friday, July 15, 2016

Steven Streufert Strikes Back! Sorry, San Francisco Chronicle: FAIL.

Yesterday we posted the link to the San Francisco Chronicle article where they talked about Bigfoot and Steven Streufert from Willow Creek, the owner and proprietor of the famous Bigfoot Books. Steven has an opinion about what was written about him and Bigfoot... It's not positive.

From Steven Streufert:
Interesting. I went to the SF CHRONICLE Facebook page and clicked the link there, and was able to read the entire article. Not bad. He (reporter Steve Rubenstein) misquoted me somewhat several times, though.
We founded a public scientific research project, but Mr Journalist goes and says it's just me going in the woods with friends desperately trying to "find Bigfoot." What bullshit. He was one of those who doesn't record interviews, but just takes brief notes, and than reconstructs it all from faulty memory.
Bluff Creek Project should have been properly described in the article. It isn't just me looking on a computer screen or going or with friends in the woods. It is a long-running historical and environmental study of a specific region. At this point, no one knows that area better than we do. As scientifically as possible, we are doing an objective wildlife study, not some silly Bigfoot snipe hunt. Part of that process of observation is asking whether Bigfoot is really there. So far, he hasn't been, for us; but we've encountered all sorts of other species, including the endangered Humboldt marten. Not everything is about getting a chuckle, like news media seem to assume these days, at least in regard to Bigfoot. We're doing serious hard work, and that has nothing to do with fantasy monster hunting.

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