Thursday, July 14, 2016

Parabreakdown: Analysis of Bigfoot footage (commentary)

Our good friend Phil Polling (Parabreakdown) did a breakdown video on the late Mitchell Waite's Bigfoot research 2015 video. The basic claim in the video is that there is a face that was filmed in far off distance that could be a Bigfoot...

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  1. Bingo!I have been telling people this all my life, or ever since people been posting these videos. Glad to see someone else is talking about it as well. Not only that but the guy doing the video had a buddy who could have gone over and tried to get movement from it while dude just worked the camera. They might have had the great bit of Bigfoot film since the PGF, but they don't. The time to verify is when you got it in your sights. Not when you're back home.

  2. I might add, if you're too scared to approach it because it might attack or something then please, just stay home.