Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bigfoot stars in a public safety PSA!

Launched by the ODOT in collaboration with Metro, the Portland metro area’s regional governmental organization, the Sasquatch-starring PSA aims to remind drivers of the state’s pedestrian right-of-way laws.

From Mother Nature Network:

While it's generally agreed that the Pacific Northwest is Bigfoot's preferred stomping ground (sorry, Pennsylvania), there’s never been solid consensus about exact whereabouts of the shaggy recluse‘s primary residence.

Some believe he lives in the woods outside of Sedro-Wooley, a "Twin Peaks"-y logging town roughly halfway between Seattle and the Canadian border.

Northern Californians like to claim Bigfoot as their own, which is understandable given that a sizable stretch of California State Route 96 passing through Klamath National Forest has been designated as a scenic byway named in his honor.

What’s more, a sizable number of British Columbians are convinced the elusive beast is a proud Canadian who spends his free time on the shores on Lake Okanagan shootin’ the breeze with Ogopogo.

Deeming Bigfoot as the “original hairy, smelly hipster,” folks in Oregon — known for having supported Sasquatch protection-minded pieces of legislation in the past — have embraced him as a resident of the Beaver State. Heck, the Oregon Department of Transportation has even managed to get him to come out of hiding and appear in a new public safety campaign about crosswalks. Not an easy feat!

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