Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bigfoot wouldn’t shut up during our camping trip

Tyler Kroetsch, right, said he had a possible Bigfoot sighting last month while camping overnight in Michigan.

From The New York Post:

Two young Marine reservists on an overnight camping and hunting trip last month claim they got the scare of a lifetime: a possible Bigfoot sighting.

Tyler Kroetsch, 20, and Wil Neill, 23, were in the southwest corner of the Waterloo State Recreation Area in Michigan in the early morning hours of Sept. 16 when they heard footsteps about 20 feet away from them. The seasoned outdoorsmen then froze to listen to what came next: two distinct, four-second-long screams that didn’t sound like anything they’ve previously heard in the woods.

“You could hear each step,” Neill told The Post on Wednesday. “It stopped almost directly in front of me, about 20 feet away, off to my right, and then it screamed two times. After that, we freaked out.”

Neill, of Livonia, Mich., said he was so spooked by the sighting that he and Kroetsch ended up sleeping in their car. They never reported the incident to officials at the state’s Department of Natural Resources, but Neill insists he’s a believer.

“I went from zero belief that night to 100 percent believing in Bigfoot,” Neill said. “It’s ridiculous to say, but, after that night, we don’t know how else to explain it or what to say.”

Neill said he and Kroetsch – who did not get a glimpse of what they heard – later compared what they heard that night in the woods to YouTube clips of purported Bigfoot calls or sounds made in the wild. They matched exactly, Neill said.

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